Car war: Men with unusually luxurious cars


Auto News - Diamond studded Mercedes 
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia bought this car on his 38th birthday. This stunning car costs approximately USD 4.8 million. The glamour of this diamond studded Mercedes is enough to dazzle your eyes in the first look. This car is a testament to the expensive taste of Saudi elite. What makes it more unique is the number of diamonds encrusted on the car's body. Looks incredible, right? 

Shiny gold-vinyl Ferrari 458 Spider
Iraqi kickboxing world champion Riyadh Al-Azzawi owns this premium Ferrari adorned with gold and it costs £200,000 approximately. Riyadh Al-Azzawi holds a record of victories in all 47 fighting bouts of his kickboxing career. Also, he had been able to retain his world champion till 2008. The owner wanted to match the golden glory of his medals to his car, may be? 

Pure white gold Mercedes SLR
Abu Dhabi's billionaire oil businessman owns this Mercedes Benz wrapped in sparkling white gold that costs around USD 2.5 million. The car flaunts the aristocratic background of the UAE businessman who not only spends on luxurious items but has also been undertaking a lot of worthy projects like Ski Dubai, which is being billed as world's largest and most expensive indoor ski complex, world's tallest building Burj Khalifa and under construction Al Reem Island.