Efforts underway to convince Opposition on Land Bill: Naidu

"All senior ministers are on the job to convince all parties and we are hopeful of a consensus emerging on the Land Bill," Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu told r0eporters here.
He said while government had moved nine official amendments to the bill before it was passed by the Lok Sabha, it is willing to accommodate more suggestions to bring the opposition on board.
Naidu's remarks came a day after the Union Cabinet recommended to the President re-promulgation of the Land Ordinance as the one in force now will lapse on April 5.
He said BJP wants its MPs to be more enthused about the Land Bill as it is crucial for the country's economic growth.
The issue will be part of the political resolution to be adopted in BJP's National Executive to be held in Bengaluru this week.
Meanwhile, sources in the government said the fresh Ordinance will again have to clear the Lok Sabha hurdle before reaching Rajya Sabha since it will be different from the one in force as it will incorporate the nine amendments passed by Lok Sabha.