Ex AIIMS CVO levels serious allegations over working of ACC

The officer has filed an affidavit in the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) in his ongoing case of cadre change from Haryana to Uttarakhand.
In this case, after obtaining consent of both the State governments, the Ministry of Environment and Forest had recommended to the ACC for his cadre change on the ground of extreme hardship in July 2014.

However, on January 28 this year, ACC asked for seeking fresh consent from both the state governments. This order of ACC was challenged by the officer in the CAT which granted stay on ACC order on February 18 and asked the Central government to file reply.
The Central government in his reply took the plea that fresh consents were sought in view of change of State governments. However, in his affidavit filed on March 23 and 30, the officer has contested these claims saying that while in Uttarakhand the government is still same which had earlier given the consent, in case of Haryana, already ACC has given approval to a number of similar cases without seeking the consent from new government.