No shield for graft, but babus need protection in case of honest error

 "It is a very positive step. But there is a need to take many more steps to check corruption in India. Political corruption also needs to be checked," former Cabinet Secretary, TSR Subramanian, said. He said there has to be some protection for civil servants for making bona fide mistakes.

"There must be a senior officer in an investigating agency to decide whether or not a decision was taken in good faith. It should not be left to a junior official to decide on a particular case.
"One should not judge a civil servant on the basis of whether a decision is right or wrong, but on the basis of the documents or the information available to him as he took that decision," Subramanian said.

There should be no shield for an official in case of corruption. If an officer is found to own assets more than his known sources of income or hold benami property, then there should be no shield, the former bureaucrat said.

He was commenting on Wednesday's Union Cabinet decision to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, by incorporating stringent penal provisions in it.

Source: Latest News