People will prefer newspaper over TV news: Rama Pandey

"After the onslaught of satellite channels in the country, the quality of news has deteriorated with everything being sensationalised and running of exciting yellow stories. These channels have damaged the art of news presenting," Pandey said.

Pandey, who wears multiple hats, of an anchor, author, producer-cum-director celebrated here late last evening, the airing of 250 episodes of her TV series 'Jaane Apna Desh'.

The travelogue has touched and covered many known and lesser known facts of India and its rich heritage and culture. "There is too much analysis going on in these channels which eventually kills the subject and the news in totality. I believe a presenter should be calm and composed and subdued. These traits help the presenter or the anchor to put across the information in a proper way," Pandey said.

"News nowadays is a chaos on the screen," Pandey said. The multi-faceted personality who writes poetry and prose uses both the mediums of communication audio-visual as well as the written, sheds light on the fact that the language of news needs to change and people cannot tolerate such chaos on screen for long.