Rahul Gandhi meets delegation of farmers ahead of Kisan rally

Rahul, accompanied by Rajasthan PCC Chief Sachin Pilot, met several delegations of farmers from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh and also held consultations with a group of farmers' representatives at his residence here.

The Congress VP, who is expected to lead the Congress' charge on the contentious land bill, will address the Kisan rally on Sunday, which is being seen as some sort of a relaunch of Rahul, who is being hailed as a "mature" leader who would restore the party's health after its downturn in Lok Sabha polls.

"Tomorrow's rally would be a historic rally. Lakhs of farmers from across the country will get together in Delhi and we want to expose this BJP government for the way farmers have been duped only to pay back favours of some people. The BJP is 'conspiring' to take over the land of small farmers," Pilot said.

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