Xiaomi claims new record, sells over two million phones in 12 hours

Auto News - The Mi Fan Festival was held to mark the China's majors tech company's fifth anniversary on April 8. The grand festival recorded impressive sales record whereas company sold  not only two million smartphones, but also 38,000 televisions, 200,000 fitness bands and 247,000 power strips.

According to a report, it is being speculated that the commendable increase in sales of the company's other products indicates that in future company will bundle all its efforts to expand its customer base that will not be limited to its core products. Also, the company is experimenting its efficacy in the service market, mobile wallet.

A surge in sales of other products is an indication of Xiaomi's efforts to expand beyond its core business. Apart from wearables and other consumer devices, the company is also testing services, including a mobile wallet.

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