High priority given to probe blackmoney cases: Enforcement Directorate

"With a new government in place and a high priority  accorded to tackling black money, ED has been a busy place  this last year. I am happy to report that we have, thanks to the dedicated effort put in by all our staff, surpassed our performance of the previous year," ED chief Rajan Katoch said during the 'Enforcement Day' event here.
Katoch said the agency, tasked to probe hawala and money laundering crimes, in 2014-15 completed investigations in a total of 1,918 cases as against 1,836 cases probed last year even as 2,000 preliminary enquiries were "resolved" during the same year.
"The backlog of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) adjudication cases has also been brought down drastically. Laundered assets valued at Rs 3,657 crore were attached during the year as against 1,773 crore the previous year. Total value of assets attached has now gone up to over Rs 9, 000 crores. We have stepped up our filing of prosecutions from 11 in 2012-13 to 55 in 2013-14 to 69 in the year gone by (2014-15)," he said.
Katoch, who has brought in some new protocols to increase accountability and transparency in this department vested with the enforcement of two of the most stringent laws in the  country, said ED's aim is to be increasingly "firm and fair" in its investigations.

"Public confidence and credibility are the most valued achievements for us...I must mention that during the year we have defined the core values of integrity, accountability, commitment, excellence and impartiality that we expect all our staff to adhere to. We have put in place certain internal protocols to facilitate adherence to these core values," he said.

Source: Latest News