Sanitary napkin vending machine installed at women's college in Lucknow

Unavailability of sanitary pads, absence of separate toilets for girls and lack of water in toilets reflect on the attendance of girls in schools and colleges. Surveys have claimed that nearly 20 to 30 per cent of girls in North India dropped out of schools after they started menstruating.
While talking about menstrual hygiene remains a taboo in the country, the 'bold step' of installing an automated sanitary vending machine for its students has been taken by one of the prestigious and oldest women's colleges the Avadh Girl's Degree College under Lucknow University.
"We installed the machine around a week back and response from the students is very good," AGDC Manager Nishi Pandey told the media. "In fact we are also considering to install a disposal machine as well, as the pads are not disposed of hygienically," she added. See more -