Jet fuel price slashed by 11.7 percent; non-subsidised LPG cheaper by Rs 25.50

Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) price in Delhi was cut by Rs 5,469.12 per kilolitre (kl), or 11.7 percent, to Rs 40,938.24 per kl, oil companies announced today.
This is one of the steepest reductions, the biggest being a cut of Rs 7,520 per kl, or 12.5 percent, on January 1. Prior to today's reduction, jet fuel rate was cut by 9.4 percent to Rs 46,407.36 on August 1 and by Rs 2,086.56 per kl to Rs 51,267.36 on July 1.
ATF, just as fuel in aeroplanes, today costs 33 percent less than petrol that drives two-wheelers and cars. After a Rs 2 per litre cut effected from today, petrol in Delhi costs Rs 61.20 per litre as compared to jet fuel rate of Rs 40.93 a litre.