Bulk Whatsapp Text/Images/Videos/Audio:Mareketing Srevice with Spaceedgetechnology,Easily send Bulk Whatsapp to customers

Bulk whatsapp marketing is a new concept in the market. Delhi/NCR-based Spaceedgetechnology gives online Digital Marketing as a provider of bulk messages on Whatsapp. A company representative said customers can opt for plans starting from 10,000 messages costing 30 paise each, plus taxes. There's a discount for larger orders. For instance, an order for a million messages to Whatsapp users costs 25 paise a messege,With One year time to use.

Spaceedgetechnology provides best and fruitful delivery of Bulk Whatsapp.Now a Days Bulk whatsapp marketing in India and worldwide in Trend, Bulk whatsapp messages service provider in delhi/NCR now a days world Bulk whatsapp messages is a unique, fast and effective medium to promote business and generate good sales leads.

The main reason that adds energy to the WhatsApp marketing is its mobility. WhatsApp allows to send and receive Text,Audio,Video anywhere any time. No specific installation of plug-in and tools required.WhatsApp allows message sending with unlimited length accompanied by images, audios and videos.WhatsApp is easily accessible across all the mobile networks available such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows.