Australia makes 'largest ever' crystal meth seizure

Australian police have made the biggest seizure of precious stone methamphetamine in the country's history.

The medications were covered between floorboards in a shipment sent to Melbourne, as indicated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Two men have been accused of medication trafficking offenses.

Leader Malcolm Turnbull applauded the police operation, portraying drug traffickers as "shippers of death".

"This was about a huge amount of ice, so this is an extraordinary credit to our fringe insurance and our police in taking this colossal shipment," he said on Wednesday.

"You can see a genuinely complex covering philosophy where sorted out wrongdoing gatherings are trying really hard to attempt and impede the exercises of law implementation, especially our outskirt controls," AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said.

"Be that as it may, we are joined in conveying these individuals to equity."

The captured men, both from Melbourne, are matured 53 and 36. Read more:- Mobile Number Database Provider

In 2015, Australia's legislature built up a national taskforce to handle developing utilization of precious stone methamphetamine.

Source:- BBC