Kansas school head quits over student newspaper probe

A recently selected secondary school head in Kansas has surrendered after the understudy daily paper give occasion to feel qualms about her capabilities.

The examination by the Pittsburg High School distribution, the Booster Redux, began as a starting profile of the new head.

The school area met on Tuesday night to acknowledge her abdication from the $93,000-a-year (£74,500) post.

In an announcement, the board said that "in light of the issues that emerged, Dr Robertson felt it was to the greatest advantage of the locale to leave her position".

Trina Paul, manager of the Booster Redux, stated: "She would have been the leader of our school and we needed be guaranteed that she was qualified and had the best possible qualifications. Read more:-International Database

"We unearthed a few things that most won't not consider true blue accreditations."

Amid a telephone call with the understudies, Ms Robertson "introduced deficient answers, clashing dates and irregularities in her reactions", the understudy daily paper revealed.

"That raised a warning," 17-year-old understudy journalist Maddie Baden told the Kansas City Star.