Trump's rocket "message" just extends the U.S's. Syria problem

Following quite a while of negative features and record-low endorsement appraisals, President Trump slice through the melancholy with the thunder of 59 Tomahawk journey rockets propelled at a Syrian landing strip in the early hours of Friday. The standard link media that Trump has so completely censured ran stooping reports, hailing Trump's definitiveness in the midst of interminable film of the rockets taking off into the Mediterranean night.

"The subtext was unmistakable: Get genuine about North Korea; our current dangers were not sit still," proclaimed the neoconservative magazine The American Interest. "Wear Corleone himself couldn't have set a superior table."

"We have in only a couple days reasserted statesmanship in a way that has been missing for right around 10 years," gloated Trump counselor Sebastian Gorka on Fox News throughout the end of the week. "Tact, words, settlements, they don't mean anything. In the event that there isn't drive to back it up. With only one strike that message was sent to every one of these individuals."

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